Sonntag, 27. Juli 2014

Boat trip to the Balkhash lake

27. - 31.07.2014

When I was in Kuygan the last time together with Clare, we wanted to make a trip to the Balkhash Lake. Unfortunately it didn't work out. But this time I have more luck.

Samstag, 26. Juli 2014

Bees at the hydro station in Aral Tobe


In Aral Tobe Ayan, Viktor and me search the hydro station to get data for Niels about water flows in the delta.

Montag, 21. Juli 2014

On kazakh roads within the delta

21. - 25.07.2014

For my data collection I need to go to every observation sides four times. That means we are driving in circles within the delta. Now my third bird observation round starts.

Donnerstag, 17. Juli 2014

Back at Kunawski Bridge

17. - 20.07.2014

I'm back at the Kunawski Bridge, Clare is gone and it's the first, time that I'm alone only with kazakh people.

Sonntag, 13. Juli 2014

Vivid diversity in Kuygan

13. - 16.07.2014

We are off to our next fieldwork round.

Freitag, 11. Juli 2014

Visiting Azim's village

11. - 12.07.2014

This friday we get up early, because Azim and me start our trip to Kyrgyzstan in the morning.

Montag, 7. Juli 2014

Big city life in Almaty

07. - 11.07.2014

Our first fieldwork round is over. Now we are back in the big city of Almaty.

Kazakh eagle


On our way from the fieldwork back to Almaty we stop for some sightseeing,

Freitag, 4. Juli 2014

Birds, soil and fish in Basa Delta

02. - 06.07.2014

After four days of bird observations and soil sampling at the Kunawski Bridge with Clare and Ruslan, we visit Basa Delta together with Viktor for my secound round of bird observations and more soil sampling of Clare. Ruslan and me were in Basa Delta before and now we show Clare and Viktor around the tourist station. We meet lots of fisher tourists, get to know the workers in Basa Delta better and concentrate on our work. I'm still observing birds and Clare examines ground water and soil composition at the island. Besides we are enjoying our time ...